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PO Box 3003
Nantucket, MA 02584


This unique collection of bespoke pieces to a distinct audience that shares our love for all things nautical and salty. 

We are happy to bring to you on these pages a well-edited assortment of art that, over the years, has evolved to become the seasoned display you see here.


Nantucket Salt - Nantucket artist and photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh

Nice to meet you.

We’re Nantucket Salt, a marketplace that sells handcrafted goods fashioned here on Nantucket using sustainable materials often originally deemed as trash.  But we’re more than that – we’re a full gamut of nautical inspiration – see so for yourself on our blog where we post our adventures, our photos and our passions. 

Stay a while, and feel free to drop us a line.

Our Process

The legend of Nantucket and its natives taught us the way of repurposing, repairing or re-visioning discarded things.  Our own process echoes the spirit of Nantucket in that we comb the island’s beaches for driftwood, bottles, and anything else that might stir our mojo.  We use those driftwood pieces to showcase artwork, but are simply just delighted to showcase the found item itself to someone who might have originally not given it a second glance. 

Each piece we find and create is original in its glory and tells a story.  And we’re here to share it.


Meet the artist

Nantucket artist and photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh is obsessed with the ocean.  In all seasons he can be spotted on our shores, in the waves and out, combing the beaches for treasures or just admiring the swells.  With a love for adventure, Jonathan always has a camera in tow, taking photos and creating beauty out of every day.

Jonathan Nimerfroh is the owner and founder of JDN PHOTOGRAPHYRunaway Bride Nantucket & Wampanoag Riders.

Jonathan's work is currently being exhibited exclusively at Samuel Owen Gallery.